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The Pittsburgh Bike Mural Project

Since Jan 30, 2011 I've been involved in a project to ride my bicycle to photograph exterior murals in Pittsburgh. I've been joined in the project by award-winning cyclist SR.
This provides a date-sequenced list of blog posts documenting murals, links to the posts, and info on the murals.

9/12/12 Three Trains and Ten Commandments

  • Ye Olde Allegheny Park, Mural by Randy Gilson et al, 1993, Brighton Road at North Taylor Ave, on the site of a former nuisance bar
  • Three murals, 1821 Brighton Road at Kirkbride Street in California-Kirkbride neighborhood, which houses the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing
  • ★★★★★ A bride's homecoming, mural at 1737 McCollough near Brighton Road. An MLK mural. Painted by B. Harris and D. Devine, mosaic panels by V. German and J. Taylor.
  • ★★★★★ Women, Children, green leaves. MLK Mural, 1515 Brighton Place at Mero Way, by KHDesign, Teresa Harris, and George Gist
  • mural on the rear of the Phillips School, Southside Pittsburgh

9/14/12: Murals, Churches, Sandcastle

  • Welcome to McKeesport mural, UPMC Complex in McKeesport on Lysle Blvd
  • four murals at 515 Walnut Street in McKeesport
  • Faces in the Crowd, MLK Mural, 815 Market Street in McKeesport
  • ★★★★★ "Welcome to Homestead" by Ian Greene, several murals, Ann St. at Eighth Avenue Homestead
  • old and faded mural: 311 Eighth Ave in Homestead
  • ★★★★★ "It's Your Turn - Drum Circle" by Ian Greene at Fifteenth and Sarah in Homestead

9/7/12: Riding with an AWC

  • 40th St. Bridge Doughboy Mural (in progress)
  • Sergeant Electric Logistic Support Center at 2767 Liberty Ave Mural (addition)
  • Pennsyvania Macaroni (PennMac) mural, Strip District, a MLK mural by Yuri Von, Shane Pilster, Molly Dorrance in 2009
  • Lucy's Handmade Clothing Mural, atop Deluca's in the Strip

9/6/12 Sewickley, Ambridge, H2O

  • "H2O" by Andrew Vernon for the Ambridge Water Authority (AWA)

9/5/12: The Google Control-Z Machine: Lost Art

  • Loud Silence, Tarish Pipkins (building recently demolished)

9/3/12: Ride of Silence and More Murals

  • Story of Wilkinsburg, 2004 mural by Kyle Holbrooke
  • "The 10,000" by Jesse Best and Brian Holderman, on a PNC Bank on Penn Avenue, Wilkinsburg
  • Wilkinzburg, Hanini Market at Franklin and Swissvale in Wilkinsburg
  • East Liberty mural, Penn Ave. and Penn Circle
  • ★★★★★ "Persephone", Omega Lane in Larimer, 2009 by a team led by Kyle Holbrooke and Lucas Stock in 2009
  • Auburn Street, Larimer, an MLK project by Kyle Holbrooke
  • "Lend Me Your Ears", by Jordan Monahan, 5900 Penn Avenue
  • "A Worm's Eye View" by Kate Bechak, 2005, at Pittsburgh Whole Foods
  • unnamed mural, Whole Foods
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center mural
  • Davu Ayomi by Tarish Pipkins, 5430 Penn Avenue

9/2/12 South Side Slopes and Mt. Washington

  • South Side Slopes Mural, 18th Street
  • Mount Oliver mural, Hays Avenue
  • YMCA Computer Center Mural, Brownsville Road
  • ★★★ "Carrick-A-Rede, Ireland" by Matthew Piper, 2002, at Minooka and Brownsville Road
  • ★★★★★ Carrick Above Us, by Phillip J. Seth, 2008. Brownsville Rd and East Agnew, Carrick. The stone and swan are symbols of Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland, which the neighborhood is named after
  • Brosville Road mural, Brosville Road at St. Martin St, Allentown
  • Allentown Trolley Car, 813 East Warrington, Allentown by Lucas Stock
  • Washington's Survey, Mount Washington, Scott Saloney, 2004
  • ★★★★ Flowers, Birds, Bees Mural by Ashley Hodder. Shiloh Street and Southern Ave, Mt Washington
  • ★★★★ Bloom, Gerry Tonti, 2007, Shiloh St. and West Sycamore
  • Kaleidoscope Cafe mural (second attempt)
  • student murals at Plummer and Umpire Way, Lawrenceville

8/26/12 Forgotten Trolley Trails and Poison Ivy

  • Two murals at Attic Records store at 513 Grant Street, Millvale
  • MacArthy Park mural, Millvale
  • Regis Steedle Candy mural, at Evergreen and North Streets, by Pepe Buylla
  • The North Hills Art Center, 3432 Babcock Blvd
  • ★★★★★ "Progressing Pittsburgh" McKnight Road near Peebles Road, by Andrew Vernon. My own interpretation is that we've got to deal with the elephants in the room in order to move Pittsburgh forward.
  • Millvale Lanes mural, around the corner from the Lincoln Ave Pharmacy
  • Lincoln Ave. pharmacy mural, Millvale
  • ★★★ Red Star Iron Works mural on Sedgwick Street, Millvale
  • South Side Works mural

8/23/12 Montour Mural

  • Montour Trail flag mural, courtesy of Sto-Rox High School class of 2003

8/21 Season's Over

  • ★★★★ Trees mural, by Mark Runco at Eden Street and 43½ Street, aka the rear of 4315 Butler Street
  • "Tuesday's Heroic Paradigm" by Kevinn Fung at 4809 Penn near Mathilda, in Garfield
  • ★★★ "Bridging the Generations of Bloomfield", by Monika McAndrew at 4727 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield
  • ★★★★★ Flying Bobeshi, for lack of any other title, at 4610 Liberty Avenue at Sapphire Way in Bloomfield. I wish I knew more about this.
  • Bloomfield VFW mural
  • 4428 Liberty, Del's Bar and Pizzeria mural, Bloomfield
  • Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, mural of coats of arms

8/19/12: Bright Blue Water and the Tea Potty

  • Masonic Temple mural, East Liverpool OH, by Gina Hampson.
  • old faded Sternwheeler mural, Fourth and Market Streets, East Liverpool OH
  • Americana mural at Vic's Van Daddy Shop, 4264 Green Garden Road, Aliquippa

8/18/12 New Wheels and More Murals

  • Sarah Heinz House mural, Northside
  • ★★★★ the Kaleidoscope Cafe mural, 108 43rd St, Lawrenceville
  • Shepard Fairey mural on top of Crazy Mocha in Lawrenceville
  • Sergeant Electric Mural, Mosaic Tile, 3424 Liberty Ave
  • Shepard Fairey murals on Tito Way in the Cultural District
  • ★★★★★ Byham Theater mural, Ft. Duquesne Blvd facade, by Mr. Haas
  • Birhmingham Mural, 1200 East Carson Street, Southside
  • LunaSea DaySpa mural
  • "Summer Harvest Goddess", 2008 by Carolyn Kelly, 1800 East Carson Street, Southside
  • sunset mural, house painting at Rebecca Street and Peebles Street in Wilkinsburg
  • ★★★★★ Herbert P. Douglas mural, 5001 Second Ave Hazelwood

8/15/12 The Ides of August

  • ★★★★★ "Peace, Hope, and Charity", 3114 Brighton Rd, Brighton Heights, by Frances Roman Hawbaker, Sept 2008.
  • "A Day In The Park", by Kenneth Tator. North Charles Street at Linwood Street
  • "Squirrel Convergence" 3816 Butler St, Lawrenceville by Mary Tremonte
  • Salam's Market on Penn Avenue
  • ★★★★★ City Lung, 23rd and Penn Ave, Strip District, by Ian Thomas
  • Starfish mural in Strip District
  • "Cadaques-2004" design by Korean artist Cheonae Kim, replicated by Pittsburgh artist Anthony Purcell, on the side of the M. Berger Industrial Park on the South Side.
  • Historic Pirates, Second Ave. under Grant Street, by Art Institute prof. Michael Malle.

8/13/12 Gardens, Murals, Directions

  • Tom Museum, 410 Sampsonia, North Side
  • "Life in Motion "at 508 Jacksonia Street, by Monique Luck and Leslie Ansley
  • "Welcome to Deutschtown", Cedar Avenue and East Ohio Street, by David Edwards in 2007
  • "East Carson Street Treasures", Terminal Building, Southside. David Haybaker 2006
  • Veterans Leadership Program mural, 2417 East Carson Street, by Lucas Stock 2008

7/17/12: Murals, Asylum Houses, Randyland and Tunnels

  • ★★★★★ "Children's Alphabet Garden", by Mary Mazziotti in an open lot at 1313 Sherman Ave
  • ★★★★★★ Than Htay Maung's mural, 'Burma to Pittsburgh' at 324 Sampsonia Way, a City of Asylum house
  • "Just Be Good" by Oliver Lake, 320 Sampsonia Way, a City of Asylum house
  • ★★★★★★ Randy Gilson's three-lot parcel at Jacksonia and Arch streets. Must. Be. Seen.
  • Birds Not Words, by Stevo Sadvary at 1300 Federal Street Northside

7/12/12 Bride of Penn Avenue, Destiny of Sand Sculptures

  • ★★★★★★ "Bride of Penn Avenue", by Judy Penzer and Jill Watson.

7/10/12 S'quill Latte, Two Murals, and a Mystery

  • "Bird's Eye View", 1101 South Braddock Ave, Regent Square, by Kristin Williams in 2003.
  • ★★★★★★ "Piece by Piece, Step by Step", by Kip Herring on Second Avenue and Elizabeth Street in Hazelwood

7/4/12 Pillars of Sand

  • "Welcome to the Strip", Hermanowsky Bldg, 1907 Penn Ave, Strip District. by Carley Parrish and Shannon Pultz

6/20/12 Hot Times: Cafe Davio, McKees Marina Cafe

  • untitled mural on Forbes, no info available
  • ★★★★ "A Piece of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" by Monica McElwain at 2341 E. Carson Street

6/4/12 Riding in Mufti to a Fecund Mural

  • ★★★★ "Celestial Weaving Girl" by Lucas Stock at the Pittsburgh Midwife Center, 2825 Penn Avenue

5/30/12: Day 5: GAP, Mount Savage, Frostburg, Rockwood

  • Maynard Semblower mural, Rockwood PA

5/11/12 The Tin Man

  • Dor-Mar mural in Newark Ohio

2/18/12 Plush Pleasant Saturday Two-Fer

  • ★★★★★ "Walk on Through", by Gerard Tonti 2004, located on the Jail Trail between the Hot Metal Bridge and the Swinburne Street Trailhead

2/15/12: A Modicum of Diversion Keeps Ennui at Bay

  • ★★★★★ "Thoughts On a Blue Sky", 3613 Penn Ave, Sept. 2009, by John Pena and Brian Brown, Sprout Fund
  • ★★★★★★ "Fabric of the Commmunity", 4202 Penn Ave, Lawrenceville, Sept. 2004 by Jackie Kresak

2/13/12 Monday Mileage

  • ★★★★ "A Walk Through Millvale" (2003) by Sandy Kessler Kaminsky, at 112 Lincoln Ave Millvale
  • steel industry mural, 3711 Butler Street, Elisco Advertising's Creative Cafe (fresh ideas served daily!)

2/7/12: Two Andy's, Occupy Pittsbugh

  • ★★★★★★ "The Two Andy's" from 2005 by Tom Mosser and Sarah Zeffiro at 628 Smithfield Street

2/5/12 Trying to Discern the Meaning of Wheeling Heloicentric Orrery

  • ★★★★★ Steelworker mural, 49th and Butler, by Eric Luden for Zombo Gallery
  • ★★★★★★ "Wheeling Heliocenter Orrery" by Kevinn Fung (sic?) 2004, 5165 Butler Street

12/30/11: New Amsterdam and Erwin Lanpher's Reservoir

  • New Amsterdam mural, Butler Street and 45th Street

★★★★★ Expresses the nature of the community, beautiful art work, or serendipitous whimsey.
★★★★★★ Thought-provoking; Wow!; more than worth the trip