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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Times: Cafe Davio, McKees Marina Cafe

06/20/12 243# 29m
29 miles on a hot, hot day by local standards.

The first target of opportunity was this mural on Forbes, no provenance available:

Rode around to the Swinbourne Street trailhead, where I saw a bunch of youths in matching shirts getting ready for a group ride:

One of the several hovering helicopter-moms explained that it was a summer camp where they did a different activity every day, and today was bicycling on the trail. Very nice.

Went Southside, had breakfast at Cafe Davio, excellent food and generous portions, a little bit pricey. They were very good about keeping the icewater and iced tea flowing, and bottle refills.

Saw this mural by Monica McElwain, titled "A Piece of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" at 2341 E. Carson Street (the Double-Wide Grill):

It's an indication of how nice it was, that the blue mural blends with the sky.

Rode south, walked along the tracks at Keystone Metals where I saw the Train Folks dumping quite a lot of new gravel along the rail line. Transitioned through Sandcastle, which is pretty busy at 1030 on a sunny day.

Rode though the Waterfront, was inspired to take a brief BikeNap/CyclingSiesta, continued riding and went to drink some water and it was hot, that was no good. Pressed on beyond Kennywood and Duquesne to McKeesport and the McKees Marine Cafe, where I was pleased to find cold water and icy bottle refilles, and a good cheeseburger to boot.

I was also pleased to see that bicyclists riding through are still encouraged to sign the walls:

Reversed and rode north. My water bottles were quite warm by the time I reached SouthSideWorks, so I stopped in Subway for icewater refills. I went through a lot of water today, and a bit of complexity trying to keep a cool drink on the bike.

Happily, when I got home I found a package containing thermal panniers, I'm going to use these on an upcoming trip and see how they work out.

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