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Monday, June 4, 2012

Riding in Mufti to a Fecund Mural

06/04/12 242# 14m
Rode around the city today, starting at the Bastille (Western Penitentiary, aka SCI Pittsburgh). I was astonished to realize that I'd forgotten to bring my kit. No bike shorts, what to do?

I channeled my inner Grant Peterson and remembered a time when I did, in fact, ride a bike without a strange outfit, so I rolled up my starboard pant-leg and rolled in mufti. I considered using a marker to draw a black circle on my earlobe, hoping to pass it off as a gauge-ring among the EEHG, but I don't think I'd be fooling anybody.

Apparently I can still ride a bike wearing dungarees. Rode from the Bastille around to Millvale. Noticed that Mr. Small's bike/skate course is closed, and apparently replaced by a Venture Outdoors activity. 40th Street Bridge, Butler Street (I mean, with the pant leg rolled up, had to touch LarryVille, right?)

Took this photo of a Sprout Fund Mural at the Midwife Center, 2825 Penn.

Rode to Point State Park, checked out the Arts Festival. Back to the Bastille, 14 miles.

And finally, closing the loop by going back to the notion of developing my inner Grant Peterson:

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