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Friday, May 11, 2012

Longaberger Bike Basket and theTin Man near Newark Ohio

05/13/12 244# 21m

While driving west for the weekend I stopped and rode twenty miles on the Licking County, Ohio Panhandle Trail, from Newark Ohio to the east.

At the western point of this ride I encountered the Tin Man mural (above) at Dor-Mar Heating and Air of Newark Ohio, and it made me think of Kevin O who had a previous tenure as a "tin knocker", as he would say. I asked a man driving a Dor-Mar truck if the "Tin Man" was a reference to duct work and he said Yes, it was.

I did find myself quite close to the Global Universal Headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Cult, and posed my bike for a photo with the oversized bike basket. I will not consider supporting this cult's candidate for President in 2016 until their position on Vehicular Cycling is more evolved.

This was a really nice way to break the tedium of a longish drive, and to see another trail. I've since been told that further west, the trail condition worsens but the segment I saw was great.

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