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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Persephone's Pomegranate Pourover at Big Dog Coffee

4.2.2015 21m #250
Started under the Birmingham Bridge at 0730 with R. Showing keen judgement, we prioritized our options and immediately rode over to Big Dog Coffee where we both enjoyed a Persephone Pourover, which of course carries hints of pomegranate.

The mural above, at 149 Omega Place (off Larimer Ave) in East Liberty, depicts Persephone trapped in the Underworld after eating a pomegranate. Artwork by Ed Rawson, Lucas Stock, Bonnie Schindler, C. Rubisch, S. Altwerger, S. Steffey.

The world warmed up a bit while we drank coffee, so we started out to the far end of Kennywood. Reversed, went to Thick which was closed. Went to REI.

At REI I purchased some supplies for the beginning of the season: new Merril shoes, short-finger padded gloves. I used up most of my "REI Dividend", I have about $17 left over. This is what happens when I go into stores with R. We both look at things, and I end up buying things.

We went over to Thick which had opened. Heard of another great feature in their building redesign, but I think it's closely held so I shouldn't spill any buzz about it. Ended up with a new helmet, bright and with more vents than the one I've been using.

Back to the cars, and this is what my bike looks like carrying shoes and a helmet:

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