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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maturity, Micturition, and Motor Vehicles

4.29.2015 23m
Started riding at Western Penitentiary. Noticed a bit of newly poured concrete at the trailhead. I think: it can't be a BikeShare Terminal (can it?) but any new stuff is very exciting.

Rolling down Blvd of the Allies, came up behind a very nice, heavy duty Dodge pickup truck with this sticker on the rear window of the cab:

Who would spend money on such a thing, you might ask. Well, the person with PA license plate YVR4318 might:

I am inclined to say, this is an indication of somebody who's probably not going to share the road very nicely.

Teh interwebz indicates this is a representation of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes; that the stickers are bootleg and unauthorized; and that not too much is done about it.

This seems to be a business providing this sort of product.

Met Y. Rode out to Marcigaliagaglie Metals, saw where a car had recently driven off the road, across the trail, and over the cliff. Yikes.

Returned, stopped at Josephine Street at Barry Street where there's a Little Free Library. Dropped off a book, A Peace to End All Peace.

Back to the river, onto the trail using the restored trail access at the city-side of SouthSideWorks (which I wish somebody would acronymize as SSWX). Smithfield St. Bridge, Ft. Duquense Bridge, back to the car that was still there.

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