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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Outflow Campground

4.15 34m
I had hoped to visit a new green-tea-and-smoothies shop for breakfast but it's closed. It does seem like there's a few bike-trail-centric businesses on the verge of opening in Connellsville: New Haven FroYo across from the bike shop, with a nice generous outdoor patio; Bike Bistro on the main drag.

Had breakfast at Valley Dairy. Walked in and when the greeter said hello I asked, table with an outlet? and they knew just what I wanted and just where it was. Good wifi. Great omelette.

Rode to Ohiopyle. There's a spot about 6 miles west of Ohiopyle where a pipeline crosses the river and it's a scene of tremendous beauty, it's one of my favorite places. Discovered evidence that Peeps do, in fact, grow on trees:

Continued to Ohiopyle. Stopped at Ohiopyle Bakery for a sandwich.

Rode to Confluence. Apparently I'm before-my-time, because there aren't any restaurants open for a few weeks yet. (Sister's closed at 2pm). Made camp at Yough Outflow Campground. I approached this with low expectations but wow this is a nice campground: real rest rooms with warm water, campsites, a building with showers (which won't open for a few weeks yet). $5 self-registration for a biker-hiker, that's a great deal. No wifi in the campground, but a good 4G signal. There is Wifi floating over from adjacent WendyWorld trailer park, it would be nice to have that password.

This campground is at the base of an earthen dam. It's a big pile of dirt with an amazing amount of water behind it. If that berm fails, the campground is gone in an instant. There's an outflow at the base of the damn, it makes a very nice white noise.

Cooked Louisiana Red Beans and Rice via the JetBoil. Good dinner, great day.

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