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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Second Attempt: In The Bag

Mon 4.14 63m
Departed Oakland at 1130 after enjoying cafe au lait and an egg-cheese crepe at Crepes Parisiennes. Very good.

Stopped at the Pump House, where the rest room is still locked and protected from those who would use it. Stopped in McKeesport for a Gatorade and PopTarts, because: PopTarts. Stopped in Boston PA at The Betsy for a slice of orange cake.

Stopped at Dravo campground for a short break, then made a major stop in West Newton to eat (second time this week) at the Chuck Wagon which is my new Fave Restaurant in West Newton. On Sunday I had a Western omelette, today (Tuesday) I had liver and onions for dinner; both were excellent. They've got wifi and a booth with outlets. All my needs fulfilled. Recommended.

Rode on to Cedar Creek campground, which was one of my two planned endpoints. I felt good and it was still early, so I pressed on to Round Bottom Campground (MP100). I had the place to myself, and I set up my tent inside one of the A-Shelters. Unfortunately there's no Verizon cellphone coverage there, and I had promised to check in and cancel my bike-plan upon arrival.

I got a few gratuitious miles pedaling for coverage and not finding any, so back to RoundBottom, pack up the tent and pedal on to Connellsville. Got some cellphone coverage at about MP95.

Approaching Connellsville I was mindful of Kordite's experience riding at night and colliding with a big rock they put on the trail to protect the trail. (and you'd think, hey protect the cyclists, wouldn't you?) Here's a slice of riding into Connellsville at night:

We flirt with wishing a special place in Heck upon the people who thought this was a good idea.

Rode into the Connellsville Trailhead and continued directly to the Martin's Shopping Center and "New York Pizza". I walked in at 8:40, they close at 9 and had the place cleaned up, and they were very good about making me a pizza and letting me eat it there. I really appreciate it. Apparently, the patriarch is from Napoli and the matriarch is from Greenpoint in Brooklyn. It was a very good pizza. Recommended.

Back to the campground. Last time I was here, I remember 2 Adirondack Shelters but now there's four. It was really great to get into the sleeping bag and be warm and dry.

I was also glad that while pruning the gear, I kept the lights with me because I sure used them today. A great ride.

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