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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Otter Box and Ohio River Trail

3.29.2015 28m 252#
A beautiful day. Started at the Bastille, rode to the Jail Trail and met Y. We rode out to the Pump House together.

At the Pump House I was pleased to meet Liz and Reggie and Milo. They were returning from an overnight campout on the trail. They said they'd put out a water-dish for Milo the Dog and the water froze overnight.

On the way back we stopped at the trailside memorial regarding the two eagle eggs that failed to hatch successfully.

Hot Metal Bridge, Jail Trail, back to the Bastille and the minivan that was still there.

Driving home, I saw two cyclists on State Bike Route A doing a fine job of controlling their lane.

I was concerned about them so I turned and drove behind them for a bit. When they stopped at a hill I got out and offered them a lift into town, and dropped my cellphone onto Route51. Found it the next morning, after it had been snowed on and possibly hit by at least one car. Great demonstration of why it's good to buy an OtterBox.

These two NorthSide cyclists had started early in the morning, took the bus from Pittsburgh up to Ambridge (I think) and then cycled up to the Maple Syrup Festival in Brady's Run Park. Very impressive. It left me thinking, as the cycling profile grows in Pittsburgh we'll begin to see excursions into our less-developed hinterland. Great argument of why we need the Ohio River Trail.

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