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Sunday, March 15, 2015

DK Bikes on the Ides of March

3.15.2015 13miles
Saw this very bikey billboard on Route 51 just northwest of Station Square:

It took me several scans before I recognized the components: that the DK on the left side is involved in the company name, that there's a bicyclist, that there's a ramp. These things take me a while. Today I learned that DK is the source of the General Lee BMX bike; I see a few of those around. I'm surprised that Pittsburgh is the place they've debuted their new billboard campaign; I'd have put the signs up closer to the Wheel Mill.

Started under the Birmingham Bridge around 2.15. Crossed the Hot Metal Bridge, rode the chute and climbed Junction Hollow. Halfway up the hill I passsed a young bearded man with a full-size scimitar fastened to his backpack. I said hello to him, he returned the greeting, seemed like an AFWAS (affable fellow with a scimitar).

Rode Ellworth out to Shadyside, met folks at Crazy Mocha which does not have one electrical outlet per square foot but might need it. Great coffee, great staff, good wifi.

Departed with Y. Rode to Squirrel Hill, bike-putzed for a bit, then Forbes to Schenley Park, and the Schenley Quad to Joncaire Street. Down Junction Hollow, Hot Metal Bridge. A very nice day.

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