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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Found: outdoor plaza, river vu

3.22.2015 18m
40F and clear blue skies. Not nearly as much wind as yesterday.

Started at the Bastille. Met M and Y at the Point, where the restrooms are locked because nobody uses the park this time of year on Sunday afternoons.

We rode around the Ft.Pitt bridge, then went out the Penn Ave bike lane. Continued east to the 40th Street bridge, crossed the Allegheny River. Checked out the Millvale-to-NorthSide route, which seemed in great shape.

There is an outer walkway at the baseball stadium which is supposed to be open whenever there's no event at the stadium. Mayor Tom Murphy mentioned it at a recent briefing. So we rode across the walkway - which can be done without dismounting for stairs - and were suprised to find a really nice outdoor plaza with a lot of tables.

In the photo above, you can see the roof of the River Rescue unit. In the map below, you can see the open walkway (in purple) and the route to the plaze (in yellow), and you'll see the River Rescue unit in the river.

Back across the Sixth Street Bridge. Market Square, checked out the bamboo garden installation. Y and M continued, I dawdled for a bit and got to say hello to QR and her partner. Returned to the Bastille. 18 miles.

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