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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I need 47 Republican Senators to write the silver pickup driver a letter explaining things

3.12.2015 40m 250#
Today was blue skies, sunshine, and 50F and a wonderful day for riding a bike. I started with R under the Birmingham Bridge. We rode out along the South Side trail, and noticed the high water which had flooded a picnic shelter on the Mon.

We reversed at Costco. There were a lot of people out on the trail. Errandonnee-9: Went to Big Dog Coffee for a planning session and coffee/ iced tea. Artwork by Baron Batch on the walls. Errandonee 10: Social Call1.

We rode over to Thick Bikes. Errandonnee-11: bike shop. I had seen a a tremendously elegant front-rack bad on RF Glenn's blog and knew it had probably come from Thick so we rode over to eyeball it. I believe it's a Swift Industries Polaris Porteur Bag.

Also had the chance to preview the construction work at Thick. They're going to have living walls (like on the PNC Building). I really hope they have 2 or 3 couches and wifi; I need that at Thick. Possibly also a vending machine that sells water, gatorade, and chilled Starbux bottles.

Finally, it would be cool if the new second-story was just the base of the third-story open-air deck. Which should have a couch. And wifi.

Rode the Jail Trail, found this: Animals in Sweats.

I've needed to visit Y. Errandonee 12: Social Call2.
Met Y and M at the Point (which is partially underwater, that must be an interesting engineering challenge). I got there before they did, so I took a short bike nap. We rode down to Junction Hollow together. At the trailhead, we encountered a cyclist using a pool noodle as a reinforcement device for good passing habits:

Departed the trailhead using Swinburne Street and Second Ave, to the great consternation of a silver pickup with PA tags YWM-9956 who must not understand my right to exist. I may ask 47 Republican Senators to write him a nice note explaining things.

Rode via the Hot Metal Bridge, and SouthSide Trail. Y took this picture of a police car with a bike on the back because: #PoliceOnBikes! So very cool. I love to see police officers on bikes. Hidden easter egg: find the high-viz photobomber.

Continued across Station Square, took the Ft Pitt Bridge to the NorthSide (avoiding the flooded trail) and the Bastille. Y was interested in water fowl, and although I don't get all of it I was pleased to be able to identify red-necked ducks because. they. have. red. necks. There were a lot of people on the trails, I think it bodes well for 2015 cycling in Pittsburgh.

Back to the Ft. Duguesne bridge. Rode the Boulevard intending to turn right onto Smithfield Street, which does not have a westbound lane - only a westbound bus lane. We felt OK about that. At a cross-street while riding in the bus-only lane, we encountered two Pgh Police officers riding patrol on their bikes.

It's so excellent to see police officers out on bikes. My great enthusiasm was tempered by the realization that we might be about to get cited (or corrected) for riding in a bus-only lane. Fortunately, they rolled out behind us and joined our little bit of pragmatism for a block.

We took the lane on the Smithfield St Bridge and on East Carson Street. A very nice ride back to the 18th Street Park.

Coming out of the park in my car, with the bike on back, I was pleased to see Daria rocking a red enchanter and making it look easy. It was a very satisfying and complete Bike Day in Pgh.

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  1. The bag that RFglenn is using and the bag that is in stock at Thick Bikes is actually the Swift Ozette Rando bag.

    The Polaris is much larger, but the Ozette is already plenty big.