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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Errandonnee 2015 Complete

Fri 3/13/2015 16m
I am not triskaidekaphobic (although I am mindful that cyclist fatalities peak on Friday afternoon) and today was a great day to score some Errandonnee Challenge bike-type errands.

Errandonne 12, 5 miles: Rode to work. Today there are two bicycles outside. I think that qualifies as a movement. I am emotionally prepared for bikelash.

Departed work, and rode along the Ohio River because it's there. It's a beautiful spot, and people drop big money to ride along the Danube, so I stopped for a few Zen minutes. (Errandonee 13, 2 miles) It started to sprinkle rain

Crossed Beaver, Rochester, into Monaca and the Monaca library. Dropped off a book. (Errandonee 14, 3 miles)

By the library it was raining pretty steady. I was actually kind of glad fir it, I was a bit warm and the rain cooled things off. Wool jerseys absolutely rock.

I've completed my 2015 Errandonee Control Card.

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