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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Warm Spring Rain Ride, Car Day

12/05/2013 #212 60F 27m
This was a crazy-mild day. Started at the Bastille at 0800 with S, hoping to get a ride in before the rain started.

Rode across the Ft. Pitt Bridge, down to SouthSide and Sandcastle, and out to the Pump House. Stopped to check the weather radar (which is IMO the coolest thing to be able to access on your phone) and the weather wasn't too far away so we reversed there.

The rain started in earnest before we cleared the South Side, but it was so much like a warm spring rain that it was actually rather pleasant. Stopped at 18th Street to run an errand, then back on the bikes: Station Square, Point State Park, the Casino, and the Bastille.

It did seem to be Drive Your Car On The Trail Day, we encountered four different vehicles actually driving on the trails: a POV maneuvering around the Casino, an Alcosan pickup in Baldwin, a County truck by the football stadium, and another POV around the Casino.

It was so nice to be able to ride around in shorts and a windbreaker. The rain didn't detract from the weather at all.

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