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Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Daylight and Soupaneur Five of 2013: Hello Bistro

12/22/2013 24M 60F
Just a magnificent day to ride bikes, especially in December.

Started at the Bastille. Rode across the Ft. Pitt bridge, took the trails out to the Waterfront and Costco.

Reversed and stopped in the SouthSide at Hello Bistro for soup. Their logo looks an awful lot like the BikePgh logo.

What was remarkable about Hello Bistro is that it's a Eat'N Park restaurant in another business model. The big change besides the appearance is staffing; there's only two employees on duty. You place your order at the counter. It comes in paper containers; the only thing they're going to wash in a scullery is the silverware. No dishwasher. No wait staff. No hostess. No busboy. (Please excuse the gender-specific terms). It's the New-American restaurant: No Staffing.

I had black bean soup, and a apple-bacon-cheddar grilled cheese which was awesome. This was a great stop. The significant failure of Hello Bistro: no wifi. Really? No wifi? For a SouthSide Hipster bistro-manquee? Epic FAIL.

Back to the Smithfield Street Bridge. Encountered C, F, and YC at Point State Park, and YC joined us for the ride north to the Bastille. At the Bastille, one of my friends surreptitiously took this photo of me.

I am expecting to be contacted by the Old Spice people for their next advertising campaign. Today had more daytime than yesterday; how awesome is that?

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