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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Balaclava, Bass Boat, Block

12.31.2013 22m 219# 24F
Last ride of the year, on a somewhat blustery day.

Started at the Bastille, wearing my Balaclava for the first time this winter. The Chateau Trail has about 1/2 inch of snow but nothing problematic.

I've been seeing a pontoon boat along the trail, just south of Peggy's Harbor, and painted on the hull real nicely it says: " ass boat 18' " and that has kind of stumped me. I mean, who paints that on their boat? Today I noticed the other side of the hull, which says "Bass boat 18'". Nevermind.

I rode along the Ohio and the Allegheny out to the 40th Street Bridge. Stopped at Iron City Bikes' new L-Ville location. Two different vehicles tried to right-hook me, and then I took the lane and the problem went away. #Lesson.

Climbed up through Allegheny Cemetery (following the white belt). Tried to emulate S's smooth navigation from Bloomfield through Friendship to Oakland, ended up missing Friendship (I think) but got to Oakland. I love how that real tall Cathedral of Learning assists the navigation.

I took this picture the other day on a ride and missed posting it, so here's an End Of Year oopsie makeup: At Friendship Ave and South Aiken, there's a "block of history" that provides — the history of the block.

No indication of its provenance, author, or authority. Seems like a lot of trouble for a farce. Really an interesting read, tells who lived in what house 100 years ago. Wow.

Rode down Junction Hollow (mostly covered with 1/2 inch of snow), joined the Jail Trail (clear to the Hot Metal Bridge). Both sides of the HMB had 1/2 inch of snow on the switchbacks; eminently rideable.

Stopped at BigDogCoffee for a Nervosa, a large coffee with a shot of espresso. Tremendous. Scanned the newspaper, checked the internet for errors, back on the bike.

Rode the Hot Metal Bridge and the Jail Trail, which was mostly clear and occasionally had 1/4 inch of snow (no problems). I did catch a bit of unexpected sideways acceleration crossing a steel deck at the Smithfield Street Bridge, but it wasn't eventful.

It was quite windy coming back on the Jail Trail and around the Casino, but a great Last Ride of the Year. 22 miles, 5525 for 2013. Life is good™

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