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Friday, December 27, 2013

Kaleidoscope Soup, Tazza d'Oro Coffee, and Doris

12.27.2013 25m 40F
beautiful day for a ride, although at the 1300 start there was still a lot of snow and permasludge on the Chateau Trail so S and I rode via sidestreets to the 16th Street Bridge.

We crossed the Allegheny and continued outbound, stopping to take pictures of these new pieces at Charlotte St and 35th Street:

Continued outbound until we passed the Kaleidoscope Cafe, which is a place I've long wanted to stop at. Besides the most excellent exterior murals, the cozy informal interior is also decorated with a kaleidoscope theme.

Soup of the Day was Sweet Potato Soup. It was a very interesting taste, but quite spicy (pepper) and really bracing to the palate.

Departed and rode further out to the Pittsburgh Zoo, Highland Park, and Tazza D'Oro for a scone, an apple, a hot chocolate and a double espresso. Most excellent, as always.

Stopped in Friendship to take a picture of Doris, whose more formal name is Fabulousa Lochnessa Kaleidoscopa Mosaica.

S. navigated us across town and down Junction Hollow. Took this photo under the highway at Four Mile Run:

Rode to the Jail Trail, and back to the North Side and the Bastille. A most excellent day, and another 25 miles.

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