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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Voluptuous Death and Transcendance

12/04/2013 #212 30m 55F
A tremendous weather day for riding, although it seemed to swing between hot and cold flashes as we moved from sun to shadow, and from higher ground to down by the rivers.

Started at the Bastille with S and RC. We made all sorts of stops and errands; the MS150 office to check on a lost jacket, Thick Bikes to inquire about a sweet trunk bag RC had bought, and REI to pick up a jacket that S had ordered.

I'm in a conundrum myself about choosing a new rackbag to replace one that's worn out. I've identified the perfect bag from Seattle Sports and it's no longer made. Argghhh! I was born too late.

Stopped at Big Dog Coffee for caffeine. S had some oatmeal with additional fruit and nuts that looked very good, I may try that myself next time.

Riding on the Baldwin Borough Trail I heard a noise coming from "six oclock high" that I've never heard in real life (IRL) before, it was the call of an eagle; looked up and saw one of the local eagles traversing to their nest. Way cool. Rode out to Sandcastle, reversed, and rode to the baseball stadium. Rode east to the 40th Street Bridge, crossed the Allegheny, turned inbound toward the Point.

On an earlier ride we had encountered some interesting murals at Charlotte St. and 35th Street in Lawrenceville that we didn't know anything about, and today we saw an open door on the building so we were bold enough to introduce ourselves and ask questions. Turns out that this picture is a rendition of In Voluptas Mors (1951), by Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman.

We also learned that another mural at the same location was of Ray Kurzweil, taken from the documentary Transcendent Man, and that the artist is Jeremy Raymer of Blue Bottle Coffee. Such great stuff!

We used the 9th Street Bridge to get back to the North Side, and ended up riding through tunnels rather than trails to get back to the Casino (generally considered the touchstone for all NorthSide navigation). 30 miles on a beautiful December day.

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