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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Alliteration Alleycat: Represent n Reflect, Slippy Sludge

12.28.2013 21m #220 40F
Tremendous day for a ride and it seemed like people figured that out because there was quite a few cyclists out this afternoon.

Met S and R at the Bastille. Rode around the Casino, crossed to the Point, took the Ft. Pitt bridge - which was not clear of slush and ice, but it worked. Stopped at Shop412 to ogle the logos. I'd like to get some of these in reflective material for my panniers. Maybe a collabo with Fiks Reflective. #RepresentAndReflect, n'at.

Continued southeast with the intent of riding to the Pump House, but as we approached the Valley of Shadows prior to Keystone Metals the sun fell behind the mountain, the air became colder, and the trail had about an inch or two of SlippySludge™ on it. We continued for about fifty yards and then we met SB coming opposite direction.

After hearing her report of conditions beyond, we played it prudent and reversed course. The four of us road together up to the Hot Metal Bridge, and SB was very tolerant of my Jingle Bells bit everytime we encountered somebody on the trail. At the HMB she crossed the river, and we made for Big Dog Coffee.

Big Dog was pretty crowded, but Dave Friday, another cyclist who was sitting alone at a table for four, invited us to sit with him. A very nice man.

After a while we got back on our steeds, crossed the Hot Metal Bridge ourselves, and made for the North Side. 21 miles on a tremendous day.

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