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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Meyersdale to Cumberland: Type One Fun in the Drizzle

10/12/2013 33m
Rode from Meyersdale, PA to Cumberland, MD. In Meyersdale, I stayed in a hostel bunkroom at Morguen Toole Company. The accomodations were great. My first time at Morguen Toole, it's a very old rambling building a bit like Chutes-and-Ladders. Very clean. There's a restaurant that the locals come out to eat at, which is a good sign. Everybody in our party (about a dozen) was pleased with dinner.

Being Friday night there was Karaoke at the bar. After midnight the place was very quiet, as is all of Meyersdale. The hostel room had great wifi coverage and plenty of outlets for recharging the essentials. It was $30 for the hostel bunk, which is a bit much for a hostel accomodation in my perception, but it's the current rate along the GAP (same in Rockwood for similar accomodations). The staff at Morguen Toole was very friendly.

Breakfast Saturday was at GI Dayroom, which in my unhumble opinion is absolutely the best breakfast place on the GAP. Great service, great food, great atmosphere, bike friendly. I love eating there. After the group assembled and hello-hugs and updates were accomplished, they lined up for this photo exactly at their envisioned 10am start time:

I thought it was cool to see the two younger ladies in rain capes. The day was moist, 10% actual light rain, 35% drizzle-mist, and a gray low-overcast day with a headwind. The trail surface was wet from a good soaking. These folks did real well though, and persevered the 12 miles up to the Continental Divide.

After the peak we rode down to Frostburg, arriving only a moment before the passenger train discharged 500 riders looking for lunch and bathrooms. That was fortuitious. We placed a fast order for 14 pulled pork sandwiches just before the rush arrived.

The rest of the descent was as-expected. Took some group photos at the trailhead and Cumberland, "some people" took their photo with the towpath boy-and-donkey statue.

Dinner at Crabby Pig, dessert at Queen City Creamery. Nice day and the low-time cyclists really did well. 33 miles.

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