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Monday, October 21, 2013

Duck Death Watch, MTBF, Bumbles, and a Mural

10/21/2013 220# 36m
A magnificent day for a ride. Started about 0930 at about 50F.

Rode around to see the Duck's last hurrah. #DeadDuckWalking, #TheLastMile, etc.

Coming around the Science Center, there was a large group opposite direction on the crowded sidewalk up to the Langely Observatory sculpture, so I decided to try a new "little known shortcut" I had just read about online. It does in fact exist, but it was a bit slick and I fell down and went boom, and fortunately S. remembered her priorities and took a picture fast.

This is the second time in two weeks I've fallen on the bike. My MTBF (Mean Time Between Falls) has been unusually high this year, hovering at around 1500 hours MTBF, but now it's down to about 750 hours MTBF. Fortunately, as Yukon Cornelious explained, Bumbles Bounce™.

Rode up to Oakland and Pitt's Upper Campus, to retrieve a headlight I'd lent to somebody during the Flock Ride. Took a detour through West Oakland. Descended Bates Street into the Second Avenue BioEngineering Park, and took this photo of the elegant and unfortunately still closed to the public Southside Riverfront Park:

Rode down to Homestead, so S. could pick up something at the Blue Bonnet Bakery. Encountered this mural along the main drag:

Awesome ride. Only 8 more weeks until the days start getting longer.

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