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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last day for No Finger Gloves

10/19/2013 31m #220
Rode with my neighbor Jack for the first time today, excellent ride.

Started early on the Montour Trail at the Boggs Trailhead. As we were taking the bikes off the rack, a figure in camo materialized out of the background; really effective camouflage. He was hunting deer in bow season, carrying a really impressive crossbow and using the trail to walk out from his position to his car. Puts the Multi in Multi-Use-Path, I guess.

We rode from Boggs to McDonald and then use the Connector Trail to join the Panhandle Trail, made a left turn and rode East. After a few minutes we stopped and I was so pleased to take off my no-finger-gloves and put on my full-finger gloves; I will not use the no-fingers until spring, or until I change latitudes. Or longitudes, I keep mixing those up and I won't rely on a Jimmy Buffet song title as a mnemonic.

We continued east to Walkers Mill. The Panhandle Trail is much improved over the last few years. We reversed and rode back, and although it was a few degrees warmer the skies looked a bit darker. There's a tree down across the trail at MP16.2, with a white flag attached to help you recognize it.

A very nice ride, trail conditions are very good.

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