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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Forts at the Point; Closed Sidewalks

7/24/2013 22m 245#
Today I learned that Point State Park presents the outlines of two forts: Ft. Duquesne and Ft. Pitt. I don't know why I never knew that; I just didn't.

Maybe it's like, people from NYC never go up on top of the Empire State Building, only out-of-towners do.

Today was a wonderfully cool day, temperature-wise, it was about 65 when I started riding at 1130. Rode from the Bastille to the Jail Trail, and up Panther Hollow to Fifth Avenue. Rode over to check Sir Samelot and Gist Street, nothing new going on. Crossed the Birmingham Bridge to South Side, and decided to take advantage of the cool temps by climbing up 18th Street.

Climbed 18th Street, went to Grandview Park which is IMO the best view of Pittsburgh.

Rode along Grandview Avenue and for the first time, I could clearly see the outline of one fort at the Point inside of the parkway, and another larger fort outside of the parkway.

From Wikipedia:

From Google-Maps:

And I am like "d'oh!". Descended down to the West End Circle. Faced a choice: take a lane on the West End Bridge or take the sidewalk (which presents a portage on the North Side down a very lengthy double staircase)? We chose to take the lane, which was confirmed when we saw that the sidewalk on the bridge was blocked by a large sign, completely crossing the walkway.

The sign was covered with a black tarp. It's probably not needed until next week or later, but Somebody thought it was OK to close the sidewalk for a week or more until that sign is needed, because eventually there will need to be a message presented to the Cars, and Cars and important. In the meantime, you Walkers and Cyclists, you People, you just nevermind.

Same thing is happening on the sidewalk off the Ft. Pitt bridge on 51 North; major sign blocking the sidewalk, forcing cyclists into the streets. This sign isn't needed yet either, and is also covered in a black tarp. People are being inconvenienced now because PennDot wants to tell the Cars something in a few weeks. Odiocy. Glad I'm not a militant.

The transition off the West End Bridge around to the Casino and the Chateau Trail was excellent, and the ride to the Bastille was great. 22 miles, a lot of climbing on a clear, cool day. Perfect. 22 miles

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