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Friday, July 12, 2013

Garfield-Bloomfield Gateway and Fiks Dot-X Reflective Bike Shirt

7/12/13 29m
This was a great day for a ride. We stopped at 5149 Penn and 5150 Penn to see The Gateway.

You may not see them at first, but there are identical sculptures on either side of Penn Avenue, forming a symbolic bridge (The Gateway) between the Bloomfield side of the street and the Garfield side of the street.

Penn and North EvalinePenn and South Evaline

Then we continued east to Fiks Reflective to pick up some reflective shirts. I have a lot of high-visibility wicking-fabric bicycling shirts, but no reflective wicking shirts and it was time to correct that. I got three reflective bike shirts from Fiks Reflective. This is their shop photo of their Dot-X reflective bike t-shirt

fiks Dot-X reflective bicycle t-short, bike tee-shirt

fiks bicycle reflective tshirt, bike tee-shirt nightAnd this is my high-quality bathroom shower, smartphone camera with auto-flash picture showing how the reflective pattern jumps out.

I broke this in on a really hot day and the short was very comfortable, the shirt breathed and the moisture moved, and it lived up to the high-end expectations. I'm really enjoying this shirt.

We returned and descended through the Allegheny Cemetery which is always a tranquil transition, and today there was water flowing in a fountain I'd never noticed before:

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