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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boston to West Newton

7/6/13 29m
Events took me to North Huntingdon in the afternoon, so I brought the bike along and later drove across the Versailles bridge to the Boston PA trailhead.

Rode south from Boston. The white limestone waterfall was actively flowing. A little further south the red iron waterfall was even more active, to the point that the area around the waterfall was significantly cooler than the rest of the universe.

Stopped at West Newton Station, home of the best rest rooms on the GAP (as I've been told), and checked the bike shop to see what's going on.

Reversed course and stopped at Sutersville to investigate the Yough Twister soft-serve emporium and also the new Driscoll and Sons Cafe, which was much much nicer than I expected a trailside restaurant to be. This time around, I choose the soft-serve which was very good.

Photographed this trailhead area in Buena Vista, they've really made improvements since the last time I was here:

A very nice ride on a warm day, 29 miles.

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