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Sunday, July 21, 2013

West End Overlook and Arty Party Mural

7/21/13 249# 18m
Started at the Bastille at 06ish with S.

Our goal was the West End Overlook, which is a place I've never been. Rather than schlepp the bikes up staircases and portage the West End Bridge, we chose to go long and ride across the Ft. Duquesne and Ft Pitt bridges, and get a bit more ride in before we started climbing.

Although I supposed the climb would be on a par with climbing 18th Street and working up to GrandView Park, this was not as bad. Certainly a significant bit of work, but nothing that would make you question your decisions.

Very nice view from on top. It shows the city from a different angle than you usually see presented. It really shows the NorthSide (and old Allegheny City) well.

Coming down the hill we encountered this mural on a wall:

I've seen this mural on the internet and have been unable to find it in the real world, it was serendipitous to ride across it today. This is Gary Pletsch's Arty Party mural, at Marlow Street and Gibson St, by Linzy Miggantz and Alison Zapata in 2008.

I was very happy to find this and it's remarkable to still be finding murals in Pittsburgh.

Continued down to the West End Circle, rode southeast to the Hot Metal Bridge, then took the Jail Trail back to the Fort Duquesne bridge. A very nice ride, 18 miles.

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