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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Six Words on Commuting to Work in Bike Shorts

7/30/2013 15m 245#
Commuted to work by bike today. Took a fairly direct route there which involved an Interstate across the Ohio, a transition of dubious authoritization (but in the best of all possible worlds, encountered my friend CZ while riding across so there's that).

The transition into the workplace was good. Coming out of the job at the end of the day, I thought I had escaped cleanly but some very good-natured, minor amusement was had by a few (lady) colleagues who were amused at the bike shorts. Six words: Hey my eyes are up here.

Rode home via a more circuitious route. In the morning I just wanted to get there, and in the afternoon I had time to indulge in the ride. (Also on the afternoon ride I got to say hello to Dave Sh., which was cool).

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