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Monday, July 22, 2013

Braddock Eggs with Mushrooms, Feta, Red Peppers, and Affirmations

7/22/2013 248# 48m
Started at the Bastille at 0615ish at 70F with S.

We road across the Ft. Duquesne Bridge and the Ft. Pitt Bridge intending to go the the Riverton Bridge, on the trail between Duquesne PA and McKeesport. The ride along SouthSide and Sandcastle was great, we were some of the first cyclists out in the morning.

At the Riverton Bridge we decided to go a bit further and see the new trail-alley that replaces the trail-sidewalk in McKeesport, it's a complete improvement and takes you right down to McKee's Marina. While we were there we took the right turn and rode out to the confluence of the Yough and Mon Rivers. Someday, when they can work out clearance with the USX rail lines, you can see how the trail will continue around this peice of property and obviate the need for the alley trail. But for the next x years, the alley-trail is so much better than what we had before.

Reversed, exited at the Waterfront, and rode over to Braddock to have breakfast at the Braddock Community Cafe. Today I had eggs with mushrooms, feta cheese, and red peppers in an organic, localvore breakfast sandwich and it was completely excellent. I love riding over there for breakfast.

Braddock always seems to have something new in the way of street art, and we've been seeing new Zen-affirmational street signs. Today we noticed these:


We came out of Braddock and got back on the trail westbound. At Sandcastle we met a foursome of out-of-town cyclists who seemed a bit displaced; they were trying to find the eagle's nest, so we helped them identify it. It is hard to see with all the leaves on the trees.

We continued north, rode through Station Square and it started to rain right about that. It was a nice rain, a gentle shower and it cooled things off. Back to the cars and 45 miles on the clock, a perfect morning's ride.

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