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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SouthSide to Riverton Bridge

5/29/13 28m
Started today's ride in the South Side at Big Dog Coffee on Sarah Street due to some logistics.

Rode the (new) trail down to the Riverton Bridge, a long-time favorite. Reversed to ride back through the Sandcastle-Keystone Metals segment again. Saw world-famous Yale Cohen (twice). There's just a lot more bicyclists out there than I'm used to seeing. Saw the Major Taylor Cycling Club outbound on a group ride. Had the pleasure of meeting trail maven SaraP on the trail, discussed the time latency of bike tourists changing their trip patterns and shifting from ending in Boston PA to ending in Pittsburgh.

Came back to the Hot Metal Bridge, saw Kordite sporting some reformated whiskers on the switchback ramps. Kordite was posting online Pgh-DC bike trip reports before blogs were named, I've always appreciated his trail blazing.

Rode the Jail Trail to the Smithfield Street bridge, turned south and went back to South Side. A very nice ride, 28 miles.

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