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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bastille to Waterfront

5/30/13 24m
A very warm and moist afternoon, and a very nice day on the trail. It may be that the warm temps scare off the non-serious in the mid-afternoon.

Started on the north side at the Bastille, took the Jail Trail and the Hot Metal Bridge down through Keystone Metals and Sandcastle. Took advantage of the Waterfront McDonald's cold water dispenser and ice machine to great benefit. Reversed, and (again!) saw Yale Cohen for a second time, but got to say hello today. He's sporting some major road rash from a fall. We discussed opportunities that the new trail segments provide for educating novice trail users on trail civility and best practices. Saw Mikhail at the Hot Metal Bridge, pursuing the Major Taylor folks down to the marina (the McKeesport Marina, of course). wow.

Once the sun moved past the yardarm (5pm for the landlubbers) the trail became a bit more crowded, I think the Sandcastle opening is drawing people out. There's also a few eagle watchers still out there. I think next weekend, which will be Sandcastle's first days open for business with the new trail, might be interesting.

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