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Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike to Work Day, New Trails

5/17/2013 31m
BTWD-2013. Bike to work day. What does a retired guy do on Bike to Work Day?

Why, you staff a BTW Support Station for Bike Pittsburgh, along with some folks from The Priory Hotel, the NorthSide bike friendly lodging place and a business sponsor of BikePgh, a rep from ProBikes, and folks from the Cycle for Life Cystic Fibrosis event, Sept, 15th. We were handing out Schwag Bags and bananas and water and mentioning the I-Bike-I-Vote campaign and the National Bike Challenge n'at. It was a fun time, I met some cool people and got to associate meat-space faces with a few avatar-names.

After that I rode with S. around to the new trails at Keystone Metals and Sandcastle. Wow wow wow wow wow. Wow. wow. They're really very nicely done. The Keystone Metals section has a ninety-degree turn with a big mirror to help see around the bend.

The street crossing between Keystone Metals and Sandcastle has a set of traffic-calming barriers designed to encourage you to dismount and walk your bicycle across the street.

This is how the trail looks on the Sandcastle side, looking north. They've really done a first-class job of this.

Coming back I saw an old colleague BN out riding his bike. All sorts of people were out riding, I think the trail opening and nice weather might have encouraged a lot of people to call off sick today or something. Beautiful day for a ride. 31 miles.

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