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Friday, May 3, 2013

Southside Roof Dachsunds

5/3/13 21m

Started at the Bastille, tarried a bit at Market Square to see some Marathon kickoff glitziness, crossed the Smithfield Street bridge and rode the SouthSide Trail down to the Tenth Street Bridge.

Exiting the trail I was surprised to see this bit of roof art on an abandoned building at 901 Bingham Street in Southside, adjacent to the historic Oliver Bath House at Bingham St. and South 10th Street.

It looks very much like an abandoned factory or warehouse. I'm kind of surprised there's such a large, unused space in the middle of so much development and economic vitality but I think that's still going on in Pittsburgh.

Continued down Bingham to Thick Bikes, they had ordered an Ortlieb bag for me. They have an shop of interesting and engaging mechanics that seem to be quite busy.

Rode down to the riverfront plaza by HofBrauHaus, then down to Keystone Metals. Reversed course, enjoyed the tailwind and stayed on the Station Square side of the river since it was Friday afternoon, crossed the Ft. Pitt bridge and the Ft. Duquesne bridge back to the Bastille.

A very nice day for a ride.

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