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Monday, May 27, 2013

MS150 Prep in New Castle and Big Dog Coffee

5/27 55m
A tremendous day for riding: cool, a bit of wind, overcast with just an occasional spritz of raindrops in the afternoon. In August I will be wishing for days like today.

Started early near New Castle with the group I'm going to ride the MS150 with. There were several old friends, SK, CU, and RC and a dozen team mates that are new to me. Very nice people; young, strong, fast. We rode on backcountry roads with a bit of ups and downs, some very pretty country. R and I were the only people on touring bikes, the others were on road bikes.

It was a real change in both terrain and pace for me, and it was an excellent workout. My friend CU is such a strong cyclist, he's just always out in front and he makes it seem effortless and he's very funny to boot.

As we rode around north of Route 422 there were seismological sensors all around, for fracking testing. Later we saw a helicopter working above and below the treeline in the distance with an external payload, one of the riders said they were dropping off bundles of seismic sensors in different locations.

In the afternoon I met S. in Pittsburgh and first we did some utility cycling around the North Side and Bellevue. Then we stopped to check out the Federal Street mural, and took a ride down to the Hot Metal Bridge and Big Dog Coffee. At times, there were quite a lot of bikes on the Jail Trail. A very nice day for a few miles.

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