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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meanwhile on the Montour: Big Things

5/2/13 36m
So much local bike news is focused on Sandcastle developments that I went out to the Montour Trail at Morganza Road where the new Tandem Connection has opened shop. I pedaled over to Farmhouse Coffee to meet local trailmeister CF, and then he showed me around that part of the Montour Trail where there are also some big things being developed.

This is what the at-grade crossing at Valleybrook Road is beginning to look like.

This is what the South Park Connector looks like, I had not even heard of this.

This is a new trail segment (not yet open) replacing the Triphammer Road detour. This looks like a beautiful trail segment, with a pond and a stream, it's probably very scenic if one was to go beyond the barriers.

We rode out to the Large Hotel, then returned back to FarmHouse. This is how nice the people at FarmHouse are: we went in for cold drinks at 5:55, unaware they close at 6pm. We sat down and started talking trails. At 6.20 they said to us, Hey you're good there but if you don't mind we're going to vacuum over here. Slowly it dawned on us to ask, what time do you close? Oh, six o'clock, but you're good don't worry. Extraordinary. Very nice people.

A very nice ride, and I really enjoyed a chance to ride with CF.

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