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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mundo Cargo Bike by Yuba, first time at Thick Bikes

12/17/11 7miles

Ride 7 miles on Pittsburgh trails in 35F. I rode with the Grupetto Pittsburgh for the first time, the ride was planned to go from the Bastille up to Observatory Hill, which is a route I've recently become interested in, and also it's always good to meet a group of local riders, especially a group that's riding in 35F.

Nice people, strong riders, friendly spirits. Unfortunately the group had a number of flat tires exceeding the number of spare tubes, so the ride was cut short and we'll do that route another day.

The ride was still good. Saw this beautiful bike parked outside of REI when we stopped for tubes:

It's a Mundo cargo bike by Yuba and it's a thing of beauty. I've seen XtraCycles and BigDummies before but this takes the prize, I don't think I've ever seen such a long cargo platform.

Later in the ride we doubled back to Thick Bikes for help in diagnosing a persistent flat tire. I think the best evaluation of a bike shop is what happens when you're not a regular customer and you walk in on Saturday afternoon with a flat tire. They were excellent, took it right into the shop, diagnosed and fixed the problem (sliver of glass embedded in the tire), reasonable charge.

I really enjoyed walking around the stop, and they had a lot more in the way of bike stuff than I would have expected. It's really a well-stocked store. They had the biggest display of Ortlieb that I've seen outside of Boston, they had Minnehaha bags, nice shop. I saw a Surly Cross-Check that was painted in what looked like Bianchi green (aka Celeste), that was a bit surprising. I was really impressed with Thick Bikes.

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