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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bike Surfing

12/04/11 #235

No bicycling today. Beautiful weather, clear and 55F, but there were higher priority (ie, even more pleasant) duties.

Today does, however, bring news of Bike Surfing, which is a completely different sort of activity than Bike Power Napping.

It seems that "hardcore" bike surfing is done by the bicycle rider themselves, while "softcore" or "kiddy" bike surfing is done by a passenger standing on the rear rack, or in a perfect situation on the rear deck of an ExtraCycle.

In the photo at right, you just know that's not the Mother pedaling, that must be the Cool Barren Aunt who is clueless about children and braces and HMO referrals for orthopedic surgeons.

We look forward to further refinement of the sport into even more obscure niches, such as Fixie Bike Surfing, Recumbent Bike Surfing, Tandem Bike Surfing, and - inevitably - Hipster Bike Surfing.

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