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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mon Whorf Bike Trail Switchback Ramp; Design and Permits


No riding today; rainy 55F, and other things to do. Looking forward to a good forecast for tomorrow.

There's only a few projects remaining to complete the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and realize Dan Onorato's Tom Murphy/Linda Boxx' vision of a trail from DC to Pittsburgh; there's the Sandcastle/Keystone Metals segment (debut 2012) and the Mon Whorf / Jail Trail connection at the Smithfield Street Bridge. (There are also efforts to improve/complete existing segments - McKeesport, Southside/AEO; and there are also initiatives to extend the GAP along the Ohio River to Beaver, and along the Allegheny River to Freeport.)

Bike-Pgh.org brings news that the permit request documenting the design has been submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers, and page 7 of that PDF presents a depiction of what the project will look like.

Click the image below to embiggen in a new window. The perspective is from the Smithfield Street Bridge, Station Square Side, looking toward Downtown; the Ft. Pitt Bridge is off to the left.

Very cool stuff.

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