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Friday, December 2, 2011

Bike Power Naps

12/02/11 #235 23m 42F
Rode 23 miles in 42F (feels-like 36!) but that's not the first story of this blog post.

From ChasingMailboxesDC comes notice of a newly recognized bike activity that I'm all about: Bike Power Napping.

There's even a Flickr group, "Bike Power Nap", that documents various accomplishments.

A power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject. Scientific experiments and anecdotal evidence suggest that an average power nap duration of around 15–30 minutes is most effective.

Near as I can tell, Bike Power Naps involve
  • riding your bike somewhere
  • taking a nap in an incongruous spot
  • having a picture taken
I've been doing this for a long time. This is a photo of a May 2004 Bike Power Nap along the C&O Canal Tour:

I think the bicycling community needs to embrace Bike Power Naps, and hopefully we can get some corporate sponsorship. Just like RedBull sponsors Extreme Sports that require a high level of energy, I think we could find some sponsors willing to associate with Bike Power Naps — Ambien for one, Serta for two, the possibilities are endless.

Bike Messengers take power naps.

Rode 23 miles today, in 42F-ish, which passes for relatively cold given the recent temps. In the context of early December, 42F isn't really extreme.

Rode on the Montour Trail from MP0 in Groveton to the Enlow Five-Points, rode north on the airport connector to the 576 toll road, and then reversed. It was a nice ride although a bit brisk.

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