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Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26/11 29m 2h23m 37F
Started today's ride at the Bastille. As I was gathering my bike stuff from the disarray in my car, a gentleman riding a beautiful Rivendell Atlantis stopped by and introduced himself as F., and then he asked if I was the blogger he'd been reading.

That was an interesting moment, I guess somebody does read this (and now I've met him). His bicycle was extremely cool, it was outfitted just the way an Atlantis should be - leather saddle bag, dynamo, half-shelf rack on the front, cool bell. It was a very pleasant treat to meet him, he's a very nice gentleman.

I started my ride late today, I kept waiting for the temperatures to peak and inevitably I scheduled procrastinated myself into the hours of darkness again. (Although we are pleased to note that each day brings a skosh more daylight.)

Rode from the Bastille around the Casino and out to Millvale (some improvements noted at the ends of the Millvale Connector), and I took the 40th Street Bridge across the Allegheny.

I looked at the time and the sun and my front light and decided to stop at a convenience store for AA batteries for my front light, which turned out to be a good move. I continued on Butler Street around to Washington Blvd, then rode Beechwood Blvd as the sun set. Traffic was pretty light. Took Forbes and S. Braddock into Frick Park in the darkness, which was kind of fun.

As I rode Nine Mile Run Trail down to the river I was surprised that some sort of work seems to be going on in the lower section, just below the real estate development - I'm not sure if they're adding more earth to widen/balance the trail, or soaking it with river water and then levelling out the mud, but there's stuff going on there.

Not much ambient light, just a sliver of moon through a thin overcast. Took Duck Hollow Trail to Second Avenue, Second Avenue to the Jail Trail, and paused at the Hot Metal Bridge to check in with the home front. Something was awry with my phone, so I ditched my plan to extend my ride the SouthSide trail and went north on the Jail Trail.

Took a picture of the Point State Park Christmas Tree from the Portal Tunnel, which is getting a design review and possible rework according to today's Post-Gazette.

29 miles in 2h23m, 37F. An excellent ride, I wanted to keep going but the darkness and the phone snafu suggested prudence.

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