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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Pedal Pittsburgh

5/22/11 #224

Rode Pedal Pittsburgh today. I had intended to ride the 50-mile course and see how I felt, maybe add the last ten for the 60 mile course. It is nice to have company for a longer ride and I didn't have anybody to ride with.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to go, and she agreed, so we went for a shorter ride together. It was a blast. It started raining and I suggested we sit it out under a bridge but she wanted to continue riding. After the ride we went out for breakfast in Millvale. The line at Pamela's was prohibitively long, so we went across the street to Lydia's and had a nice meal. I had a great time with her.

Pedal Pittsburgh was well organized and well marked. I saw some very cool bikes, some recumbents and a recumbent trike, and there was a tandem towing a Steelers-themed Dog Chariot with an integrated stereo, it was a very impressive rig.

The great difficulty of the morning was finding a place to park our car, which was sort of a Yehuda Moon lesson.

This was a day for cycling. Whatever happens with Lance, George, Tyler, and Floyd may affect their lives, but it will have no effect on this sort of cycling.

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