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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ride to Work Week, Monday

5/16/11 #235
19.4m 1h34m

Since today was my first workday in Ride to Work Week, I rode home from work (couldn't swing the logistics of riding in). The ride home was 16.4 miles in 1h15m, and I also rode another 3 miles on a sidebar trip.

Nice ride. Cool, moist, kind of a scud-running day, not much wind. All the cagers (cars) were nice, including when I took the lane coming down a hill at 35mph, the cars behind me would have been doing 50 if I wasn't there but they were quite patient. I notice they generally give me a lot of room on that descent, it may be that they're afraid I'm going to face-plant in front of them and they don't want to be involved in my paperwork.

I haven't ridden to or from work in a few years. I used to do it once or twice a year when I worked midnights, but I've gotten out of that habit.

It was, as it always is, a good day to ride.

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