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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Men of the Montour Trail calendar

5/5/11 #230
41.8 miles 3h24m

Rode the Montour Trail from Boggs (mp11.5) to Farmhouse Coffee (mp32) in McMurray. Beautiful day 60F, trail was excellent, northwest wind. Saw a few people on the trail, not a lot. Enjoyed a Cubano and two pistachio-cranberry biscotti to die for.

Saw several riders passing through the coffee shop on some awesome bicycles. While I was in the coffee queue, a lady asked if she could take a picture of my back, explaining that she wanted to show her bicycling friends my jersey. I personally suspect that she's working on a Men of the Montour Trail calendar, and I'm clinging to that illusion.

actual Montour Trail store here

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