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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pamela's, Taps, Sukkot

Tues Oct.18 2016, 8miles
Wed Oct.19 2016, 11 miles
Oct.mtd 131m ytd:2329

Tuesday I was fortunate that my friend RM suggested a bike ride, so we jumped on a pair of Healthy Ride Pgh bike-shares and rolled from the NorthSide out to Millvale for Pamela's. A tremendous outing. I like the Healthy Ride bikes a lot, especially the simple shifting - no combo of front/rear derailleurs to manage, just a simple linear selection of 1 to 7. 8 miles.

Tuesday night, my friend Stu was riding his bike and struck from behind by a driver. No life-threatening injuries, the driver stayed on the scene. Leaves me angry

Wednesday, I started in Millvale. Climbing up in the Allegheny Cemetary, I heard three volleys of shots fired, and as I continued up the hill I heard Taps bring played. At the crest I saw an honor guard of four men with M-1's, old guys with old guns, paying final respects. Tugged at the heart strings.

On Penn Ave I saw this wheatpaste by Elizabeth Barreto, who was clever enough to fold her Instagram handle, cookingood onto the character's shoulder.

Stopped at Adda's Coffee for a two-shot machiatto, which is presented with some seltzer and a tiny biscotti.

Saw a tremendous piece of artwork titled Man in Defiance (presented on postcard, available in other formats) by Dawn Pogany, a designated Featured Artist at Adda. If your coffee shop doesn't have a Featured Artist, maybe you should stop by Adda.

Met Yale. Saw the Sukkot shelter on the CMU campus.

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