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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Columbus Day: I claim Pittsburgh for Queen Isabella of Spain!

Monday Oct10 17m
Tues Oct11 36m
Wed Oct12 43m
86m ytd:2284

A brief trip from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, in which I did some van-driving duty.

I was fortunate to ride with Denbo The Provider of Great Weather, Rusty, AJ & Amy, and Ron & Denise. Excellent folks. AJ & Amy came from Arizona, and Denise & Ron came up from Atlanta. This is what the start looked like (it's always nice weather when The Denbo Effect ™ is engaged.

We started on Monday, a/k/a Columbus Day, and in honor of Columbusing I 'discovered' a new land and claimed it for Spain. On Facebook:

Hear ye and Know All by these Warrants; today 10 October I have discovered and claimed these happy lands at the joining of Three Rivers in the name of good Queen Isabella of Spain. I call the new place Tres Rivera, and find the habitants play a game named after our own Futbol but quite different. The scruffy people living here seem obsessed with choosing a new Leader, having a choice between an Entitled Princess and a vulgar Buffoon; there is no speaking with them about any other Topix. They seem docile, wear Gold & Black as their tribal identity, and should pose no barrier to our Great Plans. #ColumbusDay

Monday night we camped out at Roundbottom, being certain to bring in water from elsewhere. There wasn't much firewood around but we scrounged what we could, and it turned out quite well. The temps hit about 37F but I think we were all mostly comfortable. At one point, I did fill a small Nalgene with Jet-Boil'd water, and then put that in a Ziplock, for the foot of my sleeping bag. I love my sleeping bag.

Tuesday we re-formed the group and started out. Saw a tiny house in the Connellsville trailer park, I'm going to have to check that out. Tuesday night we camped at Husky Haven, which was excellent - clean, quiet, great firewood supply. And heated showers across the river at the campground bunkhouse/office. Breakfast sammiches at Rockwood Mill Shop.

Wednesday we rode Rockwood to Cumberland. Just downhill from Frostburg, we encountered notorious free-spirit Ras, who pulled his cart from Washington State destined for DC to spread the Good News about Marijuana and do the Lord's Work. Funny guy.

Finished up with dinner at Crabby Pig, always a good meal. Followed up with dessert from Queen City Creamery.

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