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Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Incomplete but Aspirational Complete Street

Fri Oct.28 4 miles
Sat Oct.29 18 miles
Oct.EOM 218m ytd:2416
Friday was kind of a short-errand ride. Ended up at Constellation Coffee for a bit of wifi, nice coffee shop.

Saturday I biked some errands. Stopped at Gasoline Street Coffee to see a presentation about Blood Memory, a documentary about adoption of Native Americans. The documentary is being made by several Pittsburghers.

Kind of amazing, and I didn't know:

Between the years of 1941 through 1978 when the Indian Child Welfare Act was passed we know that 25% of all First Nations children were removed from their homes and placed in orphanages and white foster homes, as well as adopted into white homes.
(from, We Are Coming Home)

Rode to Thick Bikes. Saw a Surly Porteur House bag that was a great temptation. Concerns: it's water-resistant but not water-proof, and I really prefer water-proof. Nowhere does Surly refer to the inner liner bags as dry bags. Temptation: it's a really great bag.

Stopped at REI for some stove fuel.

Rode up to CMU and Schenley Plaza, found Yale. This week's headlines touted Pittsburgh's first fully-designed complete street, so we checked it out. It's called Signature Blvd because: Marketing. It's rather Incomplete, but it has aspirations of Completedness. It's being the change, I suppose.

It was a Saturday, things were quiet, so when we saw an open entree point with no "DO NOT" signs we availed ourselves of the opportunity and took a look around. I remember riding on the recent, now gone, ersatz initial trail that ran from the Hot Metal Bridge to Hazelwood. As we poked around, we found a really nice paved service road or trail down along the river.

This photo comes from a spot on the Mon directly across from the American Water Plant:

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