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Saturday, February 6, 2016

You Are Here

2.6.2016 8m
Feb-td:24 ytd:84
Really a nice day today. Started in Oakland, rode over to Millvale. Saw this e-billboard while crossing the 40th Street Bridge and I was really glad to see it; I think the Max Vanka murals are some of the finest art in Pittsburgh, and they represent an anti-war, economic-justice view of Christianity that's no longer emphasized.

Saw this new mural at Sidewall at 608 South Millvale, done by Lizzee Solomon.

You Are Here transports the viewer from the dreary land of
“eternal twilight” into a tropical paradise. The smell of
coconuts is thick in the air, hibiscus petals gently tickle
your cheeks, your skin is crispy with sun and salt. You are
never too hot because there is always a cool breeze to catch
and a broad, palm shade to retire under. You hear a samba
band in the distance. It is almost Carnival. You are here
and the world is waiting.

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