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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baltimore - Annapolis

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Spring-temps and short-pants ride, which was just wonderful. Rode from the Bastille to Oakland, thence BigDog and RTB. Kudos to Gravel & Grind for a great post on shifting and shifters.

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Baltimore Airport to Annapolis,MS

Started the day in Pittsburgh. Karen and I drove to Frederick,MD for a coffee-and-bike-fetish stop at Gravel and Grind, which was nice. Back on the road, saw two homeless camps in close proximity to the gentrification. Drove to the Baltimore airport, parked in the Econolot on the west side of the field.

Great route. Rolled into Annapolis in twilight, rode straight over to Davis' Pub which was just excellent. Karen had salmon, I had a chicked and sausage gumbo. Great place. Came out of Davis' Pub in darknesss, rode 5 miles across town to the Holiday Inn Express. All the drivers were very courteous.

This is a video of a Burma-Shave style set of trail safety signs:

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Rolled out after waiting for the world to warm up a bit. Departed and saw the Navy football field.

Saw a velocipede buzzing along. We warmed up quickly, climbing over the Annapolis Bridge. Joined the B&A Trail.

In Severna Park, there's a very nice little cafe-seating area along the trail, and the businesses in the strip mall behind it open their rear doors for cyclists. We had crepes from Sofi's Crepes which were just perfect. There's also The Big Bean, a coffee shop, and a pizza shop in this complex. Wonderful scene. Saw a custom-built Georgina Terry rando bike, a Coto Donana, and it was a thing of beauty.

Rode further northwest. Stopped at Bombay Blue's Bistro in the mistaken belief it was a bakery. Enjoyed some wonderful ice cream: strawberry with pistachios and saffon, it was tremendous.

Rode back to the BWI airport. There was medium- to high-traffic on the trail for most of the ride, and everybody got along well. Departed the Airport Loop and bugged out to our off-airport parking lot, where the car was still still and it started.

This is a nice overnight trip. There's a model of the solar system laid out along the trail, and it demonstrates the tremendous distance in orbits of the outer planets as opposed to the inner plants. This video starts from mid-solar system, heading to the sun:

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