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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dropped; Dravo Disappointment

2.20.2016 4m
Feb-td:55 ytd:115
Just a magnificent day in the Burgh. Took a short ride to a meeting, was fortunate to encounter Jo-P enroute and she led me over the hill and via a much more effective route than I would have used.

She did drop me climbing 40th Street. I want to say it happened because I have a much lower granny gear, but that would be inconsistent with her mad skillz.

The meeting was a 412Flock meeting. I think there's some good things happening with the Flock.

Disappointed to learn there's a gas-fired power plant that's going to be built in close proximity to the Dravo Cemetery campground.

The site is a former brownfield, and a power plant is probably one of the only things that could be built there. This plant will probably result in a coal-burning facility shutting down or reducing operations. The locality badly needs jobs, although the current trend is to minimize the humans needed to operate every business - business processes have moved beyond logistics into employee-minimization - and I'm not sure how many local jobs will exist after the plant is in operation.

It does bring to mind interesting implications: should the local economy suffer because of the gentry who want to ride through, enjoying the undisturbed nature of low-employment?

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