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Sunday, February 21, 2016

When I Get Killed by a Driver: Evangelize, don't Critique!

When I get killed by a driver, please use it as an opportunity to evangelize drivers and the public, and not for internecine critique of small differences that are largely equivalent.

I want the driver who kills me prosecuted and then litigated, not out of any revenge but rather from the desire to add a tiny, incremental slice of momentum to the forces of negentropy.

I am chagrined that some good cyclists seize first reports of a driver plowing into experienced cyclists as an opportunity to restate their fave SafeCycling Shibboleth and nitpick the obvious-from-the-WWW errors in their judgement and technique. We should assume competence and support the cyclist.

I do understand the desire to say, "if they'd only (had kickstands?)" because it lets us separate ourselves from the victims, but that's an internal benefit and should remain unspoken because: comfort in, dump out.

If you bother my dependants, survivors, and friends with arcane online discussions of lane position or visibility, I will haunt you and your bike and let air out of your tires at inopportune moments forever.

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