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Friday, February 19, 2016

Homecoming Crowd, Brightside Light

2.19.2016 27m
Feb-td:51 ytd:111
Yesterday was 30°F, today was 60°F. Great day for bicycling and I encountered many fellow-travellers.

Started at the Bastille. Rode into town with YC, checked out the new Smithfield Street bus stop with leaning rails (to keep homeless people from sitting, I guess) and solar panels. Disappointed there's no computery bus info displayed. Loved, loved, loved the flowers outside the Library on Smithfield Street:

Today was my first day riding with a BrightSide light. It's really not very daytime-effective, but I think it'll be interesting to see how it works at night.

Met JonP which was cool. Rode to the Pump House, ran into Jerry. I think using the Pump House for a rendezvous point for people-with-cars is going to be less effective this year; it seems to have locked gates pretty often. I think people will begin to say: meet you at USS across from the Pump House.

Met PH. Rode though the Southside, a Jeep with a bike on the back was very courteous to us (thanks DB!) Marko overtook us and joined. Stopped to check out Altar of the Dog, K. joined us. Saw SB on the Ft.Duq bridge, she warned us about an accumulation of salt that made the switchbacks behave like a gravel pit.

On the Chateau trail, rode past JohnM taking a walk. People everywhere, it was a great day to be out.

I think everybody tried to get out on the trails on Friday afternoon because Saturday they're likely to be crowded.

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